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It is absolutely legal to play WANZO RUMMY in India as declared by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. In 1996, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court affirmed its 1967 judgment and ruled that games involving substantial and preponderant degree of skill fall within the definition of games of mere skill and added that betting on rummy is a game of skill and is outside the ambit of gambling.
Further, the Public Gambling Act,1867 which is the central law on gambling and most of the subsequent state laws on the subject, substantially state that "nothing in the Gambling Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played"
However, players from the states of Assam,Odisha,Sikkim and Telangana are not allowed to play rummy for cash in WANZO RUMMY as the state laws do not permit.

Detail Description

WANZO RUMMY has never-before-seen features making your rummy play super easy and your game much more thrilling and enjoyable. Play with your friends, family or other players all over the country and win real cash quick.



You shall add cash in Your gaming account in case You chose to play Cash Games on the Application. There are 10 normal recharge levels,You can choose the cash recharge levels from  50  to  30000  (You can also input the amount you want to recharge which could be  1 to  100000, but we do not encourage the irrational recharge behavior ), Recharge each level will get an additional bonus ratio 100% reward+the additional invitation reward rate (which means recharge  50  You can get  55 !) for this level (but the reward part cannot be withdrawn), and each level can be recharged repeatedly.
The normal recharge level could be as below:

  1. Recharge ₹50--Get ₹50 as bonus
  2. Recharge ₹100--Get ₹100 as bonus
  3. Recharge ₹500--Get ₹500 as bonus
  4. Recharge ₹1000--Get ₹1000 as bonus
  5. Recharge ₹2000--Get ₹2000 as bonus

For rechrage level kindly check on the App
You can recharge cash to your wallet through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, UPI, Paytm Wallet, PhonePe and other third-party recharge payment gateway.

The aforementioned cash account shall constitute the follows:

i. Deposits: Deposits are such payments that You deposit in Your gaming account to wager and participate in the Cash Game with the object of earning winnings that are more than the deposits so made.

ii. Winnings: Winnings are such amount that are won by You as winnings in the Cash Game You have participated. All the winnings are credited by Us in Your gaming account.

While making any payment as deposits, You shall ensure that all the payments are made in Indian Rupees and the instrument used to make such payment shall belong to You. The payments are made through "Add Cash" section in the Application after You have logged in to Your gaming account. The payments shall be subject to the limitation imposed by Us with respect to the maximum cash that can be added to Your gaming account. The ability to add cash to Your gaming account shall be subject to the monthly"Add Cash"limits, which We can be set by Us with undertakings, indemnity, waiver and verification conditions as We deem appropriate in Our sole discretion.

The Company hereby declare, and User hereby agree, that any Deposit in Your account in accordance with the terms herein shall not constitute deposits in the Company with the meaning of prevailing company laws and other applicable laws.

Payments made through credit card, debit card, prepaid cash card and internet banking are processed by third party payment gateways. Similarly, payments made via other payment modes may require an authorization by the intermediary that processes the payments. We are not responsible for any delays or denials/rejections by such intermediaries or third-party gateways and processing of payments will be solely in terms of their policies and procedures, and We will not be in any way be responsible for the same. If case there are any issues in connection with adding cash to Your account, a complaint can be sent to Us in accordance with the complaint procedure provided in the "Complaints and Disputes" section on the Application. You agree that in an event any of Your payments is delayed or eventually declined for reasons beyond Our control, We shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever. Once a payment/transaction is authorized, the money is credited into Your account and is available to You to play Cash Games on Our Application.

We have the right to cancel a transaction at any point in time solely at Our discretion, in which case if the payment is successfully made, then the transaction will be reversed and the money credited back into Your payment instrument. Players’ funds are held in trust by Us in specified bank accounts or in third party wallet liked with user’s gaming account with Us. We keep all its players' funds unencumbered and Your funds will be remitted to You in due course subject to these Terms and Game Rules applicable to the withdrawal of such funds. Funds held in Your user account are held separately from Our corporate funds. Even in the extremely unlikely event of an insolvency proceeding, Your claim on the deposits will be given preference over all other claims to the extent permissible by law.

You understand and acknowledge the fact that We are neither a bank nor a financial institution and We shall not be obligated towards payment of any interest on the amount accumulated in Your gaming account. You acknowledge that credit to Your gaming account by You either for participating in the Cash Games or is a result of cash prizes that You may won as a result of participation in the Cash Game.

Any withdrawals of payments from Your gaming account shall be subject to deduction TDS as per Indian income tax laws and other rules and regulations of the Government of India. For the purpose of deduction of TDS, You agree to furnish Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) duly issued to You by the Income Tax Department, Government of India., as the case may be, to deduct TDS as per the rules and regulations of the Government of India.

You acknowledge and agree that We may charge service charges for Cash Games, after prior notice to You in this regard, which may vary depending on the nature of the Cash Game and are subject to change from time to time. Non-Cash Games are offered free on the Application, but may be subject to entry restrictions in some cases. Service charges charged by Us shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes, including GST (Goods and Service Tax).

Without prejudice to the foregoing, You are prohibited to use any credit card, debit card, prepaid cash card, internet banking or any other instrument not belonging to You to make Deposits and add money in your gaming account. You shall solely be responsible towards any loss incurred to the Company or any third-party owing to unauthorized use of any such instrument and accordingly, shall be obligated towards compensating the Company or any such third-party to make good such loss incurred. Additionally, the Company shall be at liberty to initiate and proceed with criminal prosecution against You in accordance with the applicable laws. Any act in violation of this clause by You shall be deemed to be a material violation by Us.


The Deposits made by You in Your account can be withdrawn by You, by making a specific request in this behalf, subject to completion of KYC. However, Depositing and withdrawing money in Your user account without playing any, or playing Cash Games inadequately, shall be inconsistent to Our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy. Such deposits and withdrawals in a consecutive or frequent manner shall be deemed as money laundering actions by You, which is not permitted on or through Our Application. Any violation in this regard, if proved upon Our investigation, shall be liable to penalty and ban from accessing the Services while confiscation of funds in credit in the user account, if any. Additionally, We may initiate appropriate legal action against You, and may, report the relevant authority with respect to Your such unlawful conduct.

You agree that any bonuses and promotional winnings are subject to withdrawal restrictions and can only be withdrawn after You have made at least one cash Deposit and thereafter, have played the minimum number of Cash Games required to be eligible for the bonus and promotional winnings.

We shall process a withdrawal request via NEFT- Electronic Transfer after KYC and withdrawal verification has been successfully completed. We shall always attempt to process the withdrawal through the mode of transfer selected by You. However, We reserve the right to modify the mode of withdrawal at Our discretion. Additionally, We reserve the right to reverse the amount to the payment/Deposit mode used to add cash in Your user account.

We shall endeavor to process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours of Your making the request, and the bank may take another 48 hours to deposit the money into Your account. There could be delays due to the time required for verification and completing the withdrawal transaction. This may include National and Bank Holidays or disruptions of service. We shall not be liable to pay You any form of compensation for the reason of delays in remitting payments to You from Your user account.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, You are permitted to play Games in fair manner in full compliance with the Game Rules, these Terms and other notification as may be made from time to time.

Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations please contact the us via email to

Transactions to transfer money to your WANZO RUMMY cash account have to be made through third-party payment gateways. WANZO RUMMY is not responsible for the denial or rejection of any transactions as they are subject to the terms and conditions of the third-party payment gateways. We have the right to cancel a transaction at any point of time solely according to our discretion in which case if the payment is successful, then the transaction will be reversed, and the money credited back to your payment instrument.

Refund Policy

In cases of accidental or erroneous cash credits to any party, user or company, we can independently or you can request for a refund within 2 workings days of initiating the transaction. WANZO RUMMY will process the refund if it is a genuine case of accidental or erroneous cash credit, which is clear from your request or after our own independent investigation. The refund amount will be credited within two weeks to the financial instrument/platform that was used to make the corresponding transaction.

For more information, you can contact us through the email: